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Celebrating 35 Years of Giving Atlanta a Better Smile!

Dr. Richman provides the latest in dental restorations.

We Offer ZOOM!

One hour whitening process. The results are awesome!

Dr. Jerry Richman loves Practicing Dentistry!

He is celebrating thirty-five years of giving Atlanta a better smile. His practice is a general dental practice with an emphasis in Cosmetic Dentistry. That means he can provide most aspects of dentistry in one location with a natural cosmetic result.

Through his experience of teaching at Emory Dental School, and extensive continuing education, Dr. Richman provides the latest in dental restorations. He is one of the first dentists in Atlanta to provide CEREC, and only 10% of dental practices offer this service.

In addition, he is an expert in cosmetic enamel and gum contouring. Our patients enjoy brighter smiles after regular cleanings and dental whitening.

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Very professional staff, great ambiance and attention to detail will wow you; it is not an average dental office!! I highly recommend it!



This office is clean inside, and all the equipment is new. Dr. Jerry is an expert at what he does, and he is always very nice and willing to take the time to answer questions. He clearly cares very much about his patients and will address any concerns they may have.



I went in for a filling…on short notice as a new patient. Dr. Richman offered to work on my other problems-chipped and uneven teeth, particularly my bottom set. The results were INCREDIBLE!! I was there 3 hours while he worked on me in between patients. That kind of service is exceptional. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Richman. I would recommend him to anyone. He did such an incredible job with my teeth, I am now smiling again!! Thank you



It was a conservative solution for my missing tooth. It feels so natural, I don’t even know it is there.

Dr. H

(A plastic surgeon in Atlanta)

Dr. Richman has restored my dentition with Procera crowns. He did a fabulous job!!

Dr. P.

A Dentist in Atlanta

Relaxing environment and professional staff. The dental care is quality with options to upgrade to cosmetic materials.



I was lucky to find Dr. Jerry when I first moved to Atlanta. I’ve been his patient ever since, even though I don’t live near his office anymore. I still drive to Fulton County to see his office, because they take good care of me!


Dr. Richman is so wonderful. I have been a patient since 2000. He and his staff are so professional. I have always felt I was in good hands. He is very honest and provides details about any procedures done. I encourage anyone to see Dr. Richman.



News and Events

  • Dr. Richman was a guest at the Stroman Implant factory in Boston, to observe first hand the sterile, meticulous world of implants.  The factory used robotic technology to mill, sterilize, and measure the minute details of titanium dental implants. Dr. Richman works with several doctors to restore implants with porcelain crowns and bridges. His continuing education helps him keep up the latest in technology. The June, 2018 educational trip including a four hour lecture in restorative techniques for the dental practioner.
  • Dr. Richman was also a participant in the Seattle Study Club of Atlanta, for the past year.  Meeting with other speicalists in dentistry, Dr. Richman keeps abreast of lastest philosophies of modern dentistry.
  • Our practice offers a 90-minute Teeth Whitening procedure called ZOOM ADVANCED. The results are dramatic and immediate. Our practice utilizes Kodak digital radiographs. This uses 90% less radiation than traditional xrays. We were recently selected as the only dental practice in Atlanta to be observed by Kodak software and hardware engineers from Paris. This is an example of how our technology and practice is respected in the dental community.
  • Dr. Richman has lectured about Zirconium Procera Crowns to the Atlanta Society of Cosmetic Dentistry. He and his porcelain laboratory are one of the first in the Atlanta area to provide Procera to his patients. Dr. Richman was the President of the Atlanta Society of Cosmetic Dentistry.  He has been a volunteer staff dentist at the Ben Massel dental clinic for over 20 years. He has recently pledged to purchase a dental operatory room for the new clinic.
  • Cindy, is our hygienist of almost 35 years. She regularly attends the Hinman Dental Meeting with Dr. Richman to keep abreast of new technologies in dental hygiene.